Adding a task to a chapter in an application guide

To provide step-by-step information in an application guide, add a task to a chapter.

Tip: To support translation, use a paragraph to define your task description. For more information, see Creating a paragraph.
  1. Open an application guide by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer.
  2. On the Definition tab, expand a chapter in the Chapter name column.
  3. Click Add task.
  4. In the Task name field, enter text that describes the outcome of the task.
  5. Provide instructions to complete the task in the task description.
    • To reference a paragraph:
      1. In the Description list, select Paragraph.

      2. In the Paragraph field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the paragraph that describes the task.

    • To manually enter a description:
      1. In the Description list, select Rich Text.

      2. In the rich text editor, enter and format your task description.

  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Save.