Interacting with an application guide

You can use an application guide to explore features and learn about new functionality. By interacting with the tasks in each chapter, you can start building and configuring your application with limited assistance.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click Resources > Application Guides.
  2. Click the name of an application guide.
  3. Complete each task by following the instructions in the text.
    Some tasks include a link that you can click to access related tools or supporting information.
  4. To track the task in Agile Workbench or another project management tool, copy the task information to a story.
    1. Click the Actions menu next to a task name, and then select Create story.
    2. In the Complexity list, select an option to indicate the level of effort to complete the story.
    3. In the Priority field, click an option to indicate when the team works on the story, relative to other stories in the product backlog.
    4. Expand the Acceptance criteria section.
    5. Create a list of specific metrics or constraints that the team must meet before they can resolve the story.
    6. Click Save.
  5. Click the Check mark icon next to a task name to mark the task as complete.
    Tip: To reopen a task while you are using an application guide, click the Check mark icon a second time.