Viewing the implementation rules for specifications

You can view the implementation rules for specifications to understand how many times and where specifications are being reused. This information can help you decide whether to update a specification, because changes affect all items associated with the specification.

  1. Access specifications from one of the following locations:
    • From the Dev Studio menu, click Configure > Application > Profile > Specifications. Any specifications that are currently defined for the application are listed.

    • On the Settings tab of a case type that you open from the Case Type Explorer, click Specifications. The value displayed next to the Specifications option shows the number of case-wide specifications that are defined.

  2. In the list of specifications, click the View related implementation icon for the specification that you want more information about.
  3. In the Implementations window, view information about the implementation rules for the specification. Information includes the rule name, description, applies to class, ruleset and rule type. Clicking the rule name opens the Flow form.

    In addition, if you reused a specification, all existing links are displayed.