Adding the Pulse gadget to your application

Pulse facilitates collaboration and conversation among users within a specific context. The pxFeed Pulse gadget is a section that is included in the pyPulseWrapper section, which is displayed when users click Pulse to view the activity feed in the Case Manager and Case Worker portals.

The pxFeed gadget contains message replies, messages in cases that you are following, referenced messages, profile messages, bookmarked messages, and application messages. Include this gadget within a section or harness in your application to view the activity feed, for example, in the dashboard of the Case Manager portal. You can use the gadget to display the feed within a specific context, such as a case, a team, or a custom context. You can configure this gadget to allow users to post messages in the activity feed. You can also customize the gadget to include posts from external data sources or internal data sources, such as the following data page APIs:
Retrieves replies for the posts by a user
Retrieves posts on the cases followed by a user
Retrieves posts in which a user is referenced
Retrieves posts on a user's profile
Retrieves posts that have been bookmarked by a user
Retrieves posts for a case, rule, custom, or operator context.
Note: You must add the latest UI Kit ruleset to use the pxFeed Pulse gadget in your application.

The following tasks can help you customize the Pulse activity feed: