Restricting case references in Pulse

You can control which cases users can reference in the messages that they post to Pulse. By limiting the choices in the list of suggested cases, you can help users create messages more quickly.

  1. Open the Work-.pyGetCasesForReferencesFromIndex report definition by searching for it or by using the Records Explorer.
  2. Copy the report definition to an open ruleset in your application.
  3. Create a filter condition that excludes cases or instances of a specific case type.
    1. Click the Query tab.
    2. In the Edit filters section, click Add filter.
      Result:  The Condition field is populated and its value is added to the Boolean expression in the Filter conditions to apply field.
    3. In the Column source field, enter .pxObjClass.
    4. In the Relationship list, select Is not equal.
    5. In the Value field, enter the class of the case type to exclude.
    6. Optional: To exclude more case types, click Select values.
  4. Click Save.