Styling charts in the application skin

You can style charts in your application skin by selecting Charts in the Controls section and setting a theme. When you style charts by using a theme, charts that are generated for report definition reports and the autogenerated chart control are styled consistently, and you do not need to style charts individually. The charts in your application use a default theme until you configure a new theme.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click the name of your current application, and click Open Application Skin.
  2. On the Component styles tab of the Skin form, click Dynamic Layouts.
  3. In the Controls list, click Charts.
  4. Specify the following information about theme to use for styling charts:
    • Charts theme file (JS) – Enter the name of the text file rule that holds the JavaScript file that defines theme for charts in your application.
    • Theme name – Enter the name of theme. The theme name is defined in the charts theme JavaScript file as the name attribute of theme that is registered.
  5. Preview how a subset of chart types look with theme applied in the preview pane.
  6. Save your changes.