Enabling the Pega repository type

When you use continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD pipelines) with Deployment Manager with one application version per pipeline or third-party automation servers, you use Pega Platform as a binary repository for rule artifacts during development. If you are using Deployment Manager, the Pega repository type is already enabled, otherwise, you must first enable the Pega repository type for your application by completing the following steps.

Note: Do not use Pega repositories if you are using Deployment Manager with multiple pipelines per application version. You receive an error and cannot publish the branch into the application, because you cannot select the pipeline into which you want to publish and merge branches. Instead, use the Merge Branches wizard to start pipelines. For more information, see Submitting a branch into a pipeline.
  1. Click Records > Decision > When and open the pyCanRebase rule that applies to @baseclass.
  2. Click Save As > Specialize by class or ruleset.
  3. Choose a ruleset in your application, then click Create and open.
  4. In the Conditions tab, click Actions > Edit and change the condition to true.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If you are rebasing rules to refresh your development system with the latest rulesets that are hosted on a remote development system, enable ruleset versions for Pega repositories. For more information, see Enabling ruleset versions for Pega repository.