Allowing a website as an exception to a content security policy directive

For various directives in a content security policy, you can explicitly grant access to selected websites. These websites have access to the application as an exception to the configured policy.

Before you begin: You must complete the following task before you can add a website to a content security policy directive: Configuring a content security policy
  1. Create a content security policy, or open an existing instance from the navigation panel by clicking Records > Security > Content Security Policy and selecting an instance.
  2. On the Policy Definition tab, expand the section for the directive for which you want to list allowed websites.
  3. Under Allowed websites, click the Add a row icon.
  4. In the Allowed websites field, enter the URL of the website for which to grant access.
  5. Optional: In the Notes field, enter a short description about why the site should have access.
  6. Click Save.