Access Deny rules - Completing the New or Save As form

Access Deny rules – Completing the Create or Save As form

Records can be created in various ways. You can add a new record to your application or copy an existing one. You can specialize existing rules by creating a copy in a specific ruleset, against a different class or (in some cases) with a set of circumstance definitions. You can copy data instances but they do not support specialization because they are not versioned.

Create an Access Deny rule by selecting Access Deny from the Security category.

Key parts

An Access Deny rule has two key parts. The key links an access role with a class:

Field Description
Role Name Enter an access role name ( Rule-Access-Role-Name rule type).
Applies To Identify an abstract or concrete class to empower users who hold this access role to have some access to that class.

Specify a RuleSet Name. The RuleSet Name is used only by the Archive tools when creating or importing a ZIP file.

Rule resolution

Rule resolution does not apply to Access Deny rules. Your system can contain at most one Access Deny rule for each Applies To class and Role Name combination.

Class inheritance does not apply. Create a rule for each affected class.

About Access Deny rules