Creating an Access of Role to Object rule

Create an Access of Role to Object rule to associate an access role with a class.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click Create > Security > Access of Role to Object.
  2. On the Create form, define the context of the rule.
    1. In the Access class field, press the Down Arrow key and select the class that defines the abstract or concrete class that users who hold this access role need to access in some way. To provide uniform access to both a parent class and all its subclasses, enter the parent class name.
    2. In the Add to ruleset field, select the name and unlocked version of a ruleset that stores the privilege. As a best practice, to avoid confusion and difficult-to-debug security configurations, use the same ruleset as the ruleset of the Access class that you selected in 2.a.
  3. Click Create and open to open the Access of Role to Object form.
  4. Click Save.