Creating a System setting

Use the System Settings rule form to create a System settings rule for all deployments of your system, customized by production level. For example, you can define a timeout interval that is consistent for all production deployments and another timeout interval that is consistent for all test deployments.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click Create > SysAdm > System Settings.
  2. On the Create form, enter values in the fields to define the context of the System setting.
    1. In the Label field, enter text that describes the purpose of the setting. The Label that you enter is used as the default name for the setting, with spaces and special characters removed. This default name can be overridden as described below.
    2. Optional: To change the default name for the System setting, click Edit, and then provide a unique value in the Identifier field. The name must start with a letter and use only numbers and letters, without spaces.
    3. In the Owning ruleset field, enter the domain for the System setting. Despite the field label, this value does not have to equal a ruleset name; it functions as a namespace.
    4. In the Add to ruleset field, select the name and unlocked version of a ruleset that stores the privilege.
  3. Click Create and open to open the System Settings form.
  4. Define System settings values by production level.
  5. Click Save.