Agents rules — Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

Records can be created in various ways. You can add a new record to your application or copy an existing one. You can specialize existing rules by creating a copy in a specific ruleset, against a different class or (in some cases) with a set of circumstance definitions. You can copy data instances but they do not support specialization because they are not versioned.

Based on your use case, you use the Create, Save As, or Specialization form to create the record. The number of fields and available options varies by record type. Start by familiarizing yourself with the generic layout of these forms and their common fields using the following Developer Help topics:

  1. Create an agents rule by selecting Create > SysAdmin > Agents.
  2. In the RulesetName field, select the name of a ruleset.
    Because the name of the ruleset is the name of the agents rule, there can be only one agents rule per ruleset. If necessary, you can create different versions of the agents rule in different ruleset versions.
    Note: You cannot create an agents rule in a personal ruleset. Additionally, you cannot check out an agents rule.
  3. In the RulesetVersion field, select a version of the ruleset.
    Note: Although you can save multiple versions of an agents rule, the master agent process always runs the highest-numbered version. This restriction means that an agents rule that you create (with its availability set to Yes) could begin execution a few minutes after it is first saved.
  4. Click Create and open.