Creating project documents for stakeholders

Create project documents to educate stakeholders about the features in your application and to review the development status of your project.

Before you begin: 

Ensure that your application uses features instead of specifications. For more information about the legacy documents that support specifications, see previous versions of the help on Community.

  1. Optional: Align the look and feel of your document with your brand.
  2. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Tools > Document.
  3. In the Select a Real-time Agile document type section, click a document type.
    • Product overview - Provides high-level information, such as the application description, case types, data model, and personae.

    • Gap analysis - Provides traceability from unfinished features to open work items, and a brief product overview.

  4. To control which features you document, select a filter option from the Features to include list.
  5. To exclude a chapter from the document, clear the check box next to the chapter name.
  6. Click Generate document.
  7. Click Document generation completed.
  8. Click the document name to open the document in Microsoft Word.