Creating a requirement

Defining and creating requirements for an application is an iterative process that requires input from all stakeholders. If the information about a requirement is detailed and up-to-date, the requirement is more useful during the application development process.

You can also access requirements from the Requirements link in the Technical details section on the Application Overview landing page.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Profile > Requirements.
  2. Click Create requirement.
  3. In the Add/Edit Requirement dialog box, specify the following information:
    • A requirement name
    • The ruleset and ruleset version
    Result: After you create an application requirement, you cannot modify its name, ruleset name, and ruleset version.
  4. Click the Details tab of the rule form and specify additional information.
    1. In the Category field, select a the type of category that best fits the requirement.
    2. In the Importance field, select how important the requirement is to the application on a scale from 1 - Critical to 5 - Useful.
    3. In the Short description field, enter a short description for the requirement.
    4. In the Description field, enter the expected behavior of the requirement and the required steps to complete it.
      Note: Do not enter information about exception paths. This information is defined by other requirements in the application
  5. To provide more information about the requirement, in the Attachment section, add file and URL attachments.
  6. Click Submit.