Node classification for Queue Processor rules

For better performance, use node classification for your Queue Processor rules. Decide on which nodes your Queue Processor rules run by associating node types with Queue Processor rules.

Queue Processor rules and the DSM Stream Service that supports it require node classification. Node classification settings are valid if you configure them at system startup.

Single Pega node

If you have only one Pega node, set it to be universal. A universal node supports both the DSM Stream Service and Queue Processor rules. For example, you can use the setting:

Multiple nodes

If you have more than one node, and you want the DSM Stream Service to run on separate nodes from Queue Processor rules, set the nodes to Stream to configure them as Stream Serivce nodes:
Configure the nodes to work as Queue Processor nodes by using the setting:

Untyped nodes

Queue Processor rules run on nodes to which you map these rules. If you do not define node types, you cannot map Queue Process rules to any node types. In this case, all the queue processors within your application run.