Unit Test Suites — Completing the Create or Save as form

Unit Test Suites – Completing the Create or Save As form

To create a unit test suite rule, use the Create Suite button on the Schedule gadget of the Automated Unit Testing landing page. To open the Automated Unit Testing landing page, select Dev Studio > Application > Automated Unit Testing.

You must have the AutomatedTesting privilege to be able to create unit test suites. For information about how to enable this privilege, see About Automated Unit Testing.

A unit test suite rule has a single key part, the unit test suite name:

Field Description
Name Enter a short, descriptive name for the unit test suite.

Create a separate RuleSet to hold test cases and unit test suites, rather than using a RuleSet that will be moved to a production system. For more information, consult the articles in the Testing Applications category of Pega Community.

For general information about the Create and Save As forms, see:

> Rule resolution

As with most rules, when you search for a Unit Test Suite, the system shows you only those rules that belong to a RuleSet and version that you have access to.

Unit Test Suite rules cannot be qualified by circumstance or time.

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