Adaptive models monitoring

To monitor all the models that are part of an adaptive model, use the Monitor tab of an adaptive model in Prediction Studio. The predictive performance and success rate of individual models provide information that can help business users and strategy designers refine decision strategies and adaptive models.

Models chart

In the bubble chart that is displayed on the Monitoring tab, each bubble represents a model for a specific proposition. The size of a bubble represents the number of responses (positive and negative). When you hover the cursor over a bubble, you can view the number of responses, the performance, and the success rate.

The Performance axis indicates the accuracy of the outcome prediction. The model performance is expressed in Area Under the Curve (AUC) unit of measurement, which has a range between 50 and 100. The higher the AUC, the better a model is at predicting the outcome.

The Success rate axis indicates the success rate expressed in percentages. The system calculates this rate by dividing the number of positive responses by the total number of responses. When customers receive propositions for which they have a high propensity score, the success rate of a model increases.

Adaptive models table

The data that is used to visualize the models in the bubble chart is displayed below the chart. Models are identified by their model context (business issue, group, proposition name, and so on). For each model response count, success rate and performance is shown.