About Decision Data rules

Decision data records offer a flexible mechanism for the type of input values that require frequent changes without having to adjust the strategy. Changes to the values of decision data records become directly available when you update the rule.

Decision data records can provide a simple list of values (typically, this is the case with global control parameters), or a set of values that are available in a specific context (for example, proposition parameters and channel centric parameters). The values of decision data records are typically defined by business users through the Decision Manager portal, but this functionality is not tied to the facilities in the portal and can be used in Dev Studio as well. The content of decision data records is defined by the extension points that system architects use to configure the data model and user interface supporting decision data.

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Where referenced

Decision data records are referenced in strategies through the decision data component and proposition data component.


Use the Application Explorer or Records Explorer to access your application's decision data records.


Decision data records are part of the Decision category. A decision data rule is an instance of the Rule-Decision-DecisionParameters rule type.