XSD validation and PMML error messages

When you upload a PMML file in the Predictive Model rule and want to save it, the file is parsed and checked for any syntactic errors. The contents of the PMML file is validated against the respective version of the XSD schema that is specified in the file. The following table lists the error that might occur.

Error code Description
ATTRIBUTE_NOT_ALLOWED The attribute is not allowed in the tag.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_ID/NAME The attribute ID/name is not correct.
INVALID_DECLARATION The declaration of PMML or any other tag is not correct.
INVALID_ELEMENT_INFO The attribute or attributes that are associated with the element have an error.
INVALID_ELEMENT_LOCATION The specified attribute is not in the correct location of the tag.
INVALID_ID_REFERENCE The element reference ID is not correct.
INVALID_SCHEMA_SYMBOLS The specified schema symbols are not valid.
INVALID_TYPE_DECLARATION The specified type is not valid.
INVALID_TYPE_VALUE The data type value present is not correct.
INVALID_XSI_TYPE The XSI schema is not correct.
VALUE_NOT_IN_CONSTRAINT The value specified for an attribute is not in the constraint for that attribute.