Input mapping tab on the Predictive Model form

On this tab, you map the model input fields (predictors) to properties in the data model of your application.

  • If the properties are available in your application, click Refresh mapping to automatically map properties by matching the name and data type.

  • If the properties do not exist, click Create missing properties to create them in the same class, ruleset, and ruleset version as the predictive model instance. Model input fields are automatically mapped to the newly created properties.

    Note: Consult your system architect to make sure that the new properties are filled.
Note: For PMML models, you have an option to add an optional replacement value for missing inputs. In the Replace missing input values column, you can specify a string value for categorical inputs and double value for ordinal or continuous inputs. If the PMML model has any missing value replacements already defined, they are automatically populated in the text input fields.