About Scorecard rules

A scorecard creates segmentation based on one or more conditions and a combining method. The output of a scorecard is a score and a segment defined by the results.

The following tabs are available on this form:

The score based segmentation can be mapped to results by defining cutoff values used to map a given score range to a result. For example, you can create a scorecard rule to calculate customer segmentation based on age and income and then map particular score rages to defined results.

Where referenced

Scorecard rules are referenced in strategies through the scorecard component. In flows, scorecard rules are referenced through the decision shape Decision by selecting the scorecard model type. In expressions, you can obtain the segments calculated by the scorecard rule by using the Lib(Pega-DecisionEngine:Scorecard).ObtainValue(this, myStepPage, "scorecardrulename") syntax.


Use the Application Explorer or Records Explorer to access your application's scorecard rules.


Scorecard rules are part of the Decision category. A scorecard rule is an instance of the Rule-Decision-Scorecard rule type.