Test run labels

When you complete a test run on the selected strategy, a label displaying the test result appears at the top of each shape in that strategy.

The label corresponds to the type of data that you want to view as a result of the test run. If you run the single case test, the available labels are grouped in the Show property drop-down list. If you run a batch case test, the available labels are grouped in the View drop-down list.

The following special labels might appear at the top of strategy shapes after executing either single case or batch case test run:

  • <--> - indicates that there is a proposition that you offer to your customer, but the pyName property for this proposition is not set.
  • <not executed> - indicates that the strategy for one or more components in your strategy was not executed.
  • <no decision> - indicates that no customers received an offer. This can happen when you use a filter in your strategy. A filter can exclude some customers who do not get an offer.