Saving data in a data page as part of a flow

You can save data that is in a data page to a system of record by including a Save Data Page smart shape in the flow of an application. By using this smart shape in a flow, you can save the data in an independent transaction, which enables the save data process to succeed or fail independently of the work item.

  1. Configure a savable data page.
  2. In the Diagram tab of a flow, click Smart shape menu icon > Smart Shapes > Save Data Page.
  3. Right-click the Save Data Page smart shape and click View Properties.
  4. In the Automation details section, in the Data Page Name field, select or enter the name of the savable data page that you configured in step 1.
  5. Drag the Save Data Page smart shape to the part of the flow in which you want the data in the data page to be saved.
  6. Click Save.