Saving data in a data page when running an activity

You can save data that is in a data page to a system of record by including the data page in an activity. By using an activity,you can choose whether to save the data in conjunction with the rest of the transaction or independently as a separate transaction.

Note: Using an activity to save data in a data page is only recommended for advanced use cases. Whenever possible, use a flow action or Save data smart shape instead of an activity to save data in a data page.
  1. Configure a savable data page.
  2. In the Steps tab of an activity, in the Method field, enter Save-DataPage.
  3. In the Data Page field, enter the name of the data page that you configured in step 1.
  4. Optional: To save the data in the data page in a separate transaction, select the WriteNow check box.
  5. Click Save.