About Edit Input rules

An edit input rule provides a conversion facility. Use edit input rules to convert data entered by a user (or received from an external system) from a format that your application doesn't use into another format.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Edit input rules perform conversions, not validations. This rule type does not cause any response to a user about the validity of the input. Use validate rules and edit validate rules for validations.

Edit input rules referenced by a property execute automatically only during HTTP requests, not for properties set through data mapping, Property-Set methods, or other computations.

Edit input rules use Java code for the conversion.

Where referenced

You can reference an edit input rule in the Edit Input Value field on the Property form.


Use the Records Explorer to list all edit input rules available to you.


Edit input rules are instances of the Rule-Edit-Input class. They are part of the Data Model category.