About Edit Validate rules

Use the Edit Validate form to define a Java routine that tests the validity of an input value in an activity that processes user input. The activity calls the Property-Validate method, which applies the test defined in an Edit Validate rule.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Typically, the input value arrives from a user who completes an HTML form, but it may also arrive through an interface with an external system.

Normally, if user input fails such processing, the input is rejected and a red X mark appears next to the input field in error. Messages may convey more about the error and the suggested remedy. The user can change the input and resubmit the form.

Where referenced

A property (of mode Single Value, Value List or Value Group ) may reference an edit validate rule on the Advanced tab. Use the Property-Validate method in an activity to execute the edit validate rule when a value is submitted through a user input form.

Edit validate rules can also appear in the Validate As parameter of the Property-Validate method, and in validate rules).


Use the Records Explorer to list all edit validate rules available to you.


Edit validate rules are instances of the Rule-Edit-Validate class. They are part of the Data Model category.