Repeating dynamic layout - Operations tab

Click the View properties icon in a repeating dynamic layout header to display the Properties panel, and then select the Operations tab. The operations tab sets the default behavior configuration for a dynamic layout, determining how users view the properties displayed in the layout.

Show Details Allow the user to display the flow action's fields (read-only) by selecting the Show Details option.
Template Select the template used to render the layout. The default is pzRDLRowDetailsTemplate.
Primary Section Specify the section you want the details of the repeating dynamic layout to appear. The primary section displays the repeating dynamic layout details when selected.
Detail Flow Action Select or create the flow action that will provide the form detail area that appears when the user clicks a row. The details pane is rendered in read-only mode.
Enable categorization Select if you want categorize based on columns within the grid. You can select the columns by which you want to categorize the grid, and specify sorting and ascending or descending order on the column properties panel of the column within the grid.
Note: Categorizing all columns within a grid would not yield any data columns at runtime.
Categorize by Appears if the check box is selected. You can select the properties by which you want to categorize the layout.