Harness, section and flow action forms - Adding a Smart Label

Harness and Section forms - Adding a Smart Label

A Smart Label is a text label that is clickable. At run time, if the user clicks the label text, a pop-up SmartInfo section appears.

Adding a Smart Label is similar to adding a text label, except that the Format field value is SmartLabel and accepts parameters.

  1. To build and test a section, identify or create a section that forms the contents of the pop-up window.
    The section cannot contain input fields.
  2. Add the Smart Label control to the Harness, Section, or Flow Action by performing the following actions:
    1. From the Advanced control group, select the Smart Label control.
    2. Drag the control.
    3. When the pointer changes shape to indicate that you can drop the layout, release the mouse button.
    4. Click the View properties icon to open the Cell Properties panel.
  3. Complete the General tab.
    The General tab for a Smart Label control is identical to the General tab for a Label control. For more information, see General tab.
  4. Complete the Presentation tab. For more information, see Presentation.
  5. Complete the Parameters tab by providing values for the following required fields:
      • Label : Enter the text that is to appear in the cell on the harness, section, or flow action form.
      • SectionName : Enter the second key part — Stream Name — of a section to appear as a pop-up when the user clicks the label. At runtime, the system uses the Applies To class of the current rule to find the section using rule resolution.
      • HeaderText : Enter text to appear at the top of the pop-up SmartInfo window.
  6. Check the clickable check box to make the control clickable, supporting an "on click" action you may add on the Actions tab.
  7. Check the Activate input formatting check box to allow formatting of the label on this control if its edit option is set to Editable on the Presentation tab.
  8. Optional: Add an action to this control by choose one of the event options:
    • On click
    • On change
    • On blur
    • To remove any existing selection, select None .
  9. If you have selected an event, in the Action field that appears select one of the options:
    • None
    • Post value
    • Refresh this section
What to do next: 

The UI Gallery landing page contains a working example of this element. To display the gallery, in Dev Studio, click Configure > User Interface > Gallery > UI elements.