Purpose-Specific Control— General tab

Click the Gear icon in the control's header to display control's properties panel, and then select the General tab.

General properties for purpose-specific controls vary according to type. The control you have selected will have some of the following properties.

Field Description
Label Select to use the default label for the property or specify your own label. select or create a label. Use SmartPrompt to select a field value rule if you plan to localize the text. See About the Localization wizard.
Default value  
Visibility To control the visibility of the container, select one of the following:
  • Always: Always visible.
  • Condition (expression): The region is visible under the specified condition. In the field that displays, select a condition or click the Gear icon to open the Condition Builder . You can define a simple expression based on the comparison of a pair of constants, properties, or both, combined by Boolean operators, such as .Color="Red". You can combine the expression with a when condition rule or another expression using the && and || operators.
  • Condition (when): Tthe region is visible under the specified condition. In the field that displays, select a when rule. Click the Open icon to create a new when condition or review an existing when condition.
Tour ID Optional: Provide an ID for use in a guided tour. Use a combination of numbers, letters, and underscores. Pega Platform uses the Tour ID when it finds an anchor button during a tour stop anchor point.
Test ID

Optional: If authorized, you can provide a unique Test ID for use in your test suite in order to support better automated testing against any Pega application.

When creating a control that supports Test ID, the Test ID field is initially blank. Use a combination of numbers, letters, and underscores, or click the Generate ID button to create a time stamp as a unique ID. The attribute data-test-id is then generated for the selected element. When you save an existing section, any supported controls that do not have a Test ID will have one automatically generated. You can override these with a custom ID later.

After the test ID has been generated, you can view your Test ID in HTML or display it in the Live UI panel. You also have the option to have all controls that support Test IDs in a ruleset updated in bulk.

A standard, out-of-the-box developer role, PegaRULES:SysAdm4, includes the privilege for Test ID. To disable Test ID for this role, modify the pxTestID privilege.