Harness and Section forms - Configuring a Map control

When you add a Map control (the pyTrackingMap rule) to a cell, you can configure it to view markers, static user locations, or case-related markers that can represent job locations and tracks of users of offline-enabled custom mobile apps.

  1. In Dev Studio, open a dynamic layout, a section, or a harness that contains the Map control that you want to configure.
  2. Click the View properties icon for the Map control.
  3. Optional: To set the initial scale or location of the map, or configure a refresh rate, configure the map rendering settings.
  4. Optional: To display static markers that represent certain locations on the map, in the Markers section, select Enable markers, select the source of marker data, and configure the detailed settings.
  5. Optional: To display markers that represent user locations on the map, user tracks and case-related locations on the map, in the Users section, select Enable users filter, and configure the detailed settings.
  6. Click Submit.