Standard categories of messages

You can use standard categories to classify the messages in your application. By assigning a category to a message, you can give users an indication of the type of information in the message and the expected response.

The following standard categories are supported:

  • Warning - A guardrail, or best practice, is not implemented.

    You can ignore the warning, justify the warning by providing an explanation, or resolve the warning by following the instructions in the message.

    The number and severity of warning messages in your application affect your compliance score.

  • Error - An issue has occurred that you must address before your application can continue processing.

    You can resume processing by following the instructions in the message to resolve the error.

  • Alert - An aspect of system performance, such as memory usage, or application security is degraded.

    You can find alerts by reviewing the alert log or using Autonomic Event Services to summarize alerts across multiple nodes in a cluster.

    For information about the conditions that trigger an alert, refer to Pega Community.

  • Tip - A field or control on a form has contextual help information.