Default intent model

Text analyzers include a default pzDefaultIntentModel that provides a starting point for intent detection in your application. This model contains a set of sample intent types that you can detect in a piece of text.

For example, by determining the intent type of the sentence I'd like to buy flight tickets from London to Paris as purchase and extracting location entities, you can automatically create a case for booking a flight for the author of the sentence.

The following table lists of intent types that can be detected by the default pzDefaultIntentModel intent detection model.

Intent type Example
confirmation, yes The problem has been resolved, thanks.
confirmation, no I do not want to be your customer anymore.
escalation The manager has been notified of your issue.
greeting Thanks & regards!
stall Requested your team to switch to that plan.
apologize I am deeply sorry for your inconvenience.
compare Their offer is clearly better than yours.
complain I am tired of waiting for you to resolve this simple issue!
praise Best customer support I've ever received.
objective A bank is a place that looks after people’s money for them and keeps it safe.
quit Switching my provider.
enquire Any new offers?
purchase Yesterday, I bought a brand new laptop from uPlusTelco.
sell Later I realized that snapdeal was selling at hardly 3k.
wish I just wanted to upgrade my phone.