Activities and page messages

In an activity, you can add page messages to a page with the Page-Set-Messages method. You can also remove page messages with the Page-Clear-Messages method.

You cannot save a clipboard page containing messages in the database, because a message typically indicates that the page (or a property on it) is invalid. The value of a property might not meet the requirements of a permanent instance of the page class, because of missing or incorrect data.

Although page messages appear as values on the clipboard, they are not defined through properties.

Page messages appear in red on the Clipboard panel display.

When a workstation user submits an HTML form, previous page messages corresponding to the input are deleted.

The page message text can be the name of a Rule-Message rule. When a page containing a page message is rendered, the system attempts to find a corresponding Rule-Message key, using the RuleSet list of the current requestor. If a match is not found, the resulting text consists of three asterisks followed by the message text.