Map Value form - Completing the Configuration tab

Complete the fields on this tab to guide your inputs on the Matrix tab and define the possible values returned by this map value.


The following options impact the initial presentation and available options on the Matrix tab.

For example, you can prevent users from accessing the Expression Builder or modifying the column layout of the map value. This helps you customize the development experience for delegated users, such as line managers, who may not require access to the full set of decision table options.

Note: All users with a rule-editing privilege, including delegated users, can remove these restrictions.
Field Description
Allow updating of the matrix configuration in delegated rules Select this check box to allow users to modify the rows and columns of the Matrix tab.

Clear this check box to prevent users from updating row or column configuration. Users with rule-editing privileges can still change values within the cells of the Matrix tab.

Allow use of the expression builder on the matrix view Select this check box to allow access to the Expression Builder from any cell on the Matrix tab.

Clear this check box to hide the Expression Builder icon. Users with rule-editing privileges can still add constants or property references in a row or column cell.

Input Rows

See Configuring rows and columns in a map value.

Input Columns

See Configuring rows and columns in a map value.


Use the options in this section of the tab to define the possible values that this map value can return. You can also specify a list of preset properties that are calculated before the map value runs.

To define allowed results:

  1. Enter a property or linked property name in the Results defined by property field.

    This property must use table validation because the table values are used to populate the Result field.

  2. Select a value from the Result list.

    Alternatively, you can enter a string value without quotes to supplement the existing table values.

  3. Define a list of Target Property and Value pairs that are set when the map value returns the corresponding Result.

    You can enter a constant, property name, or expression in the Value fields.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary.

At run time, the system sets target properties using the order you specify.

To define preset properties:

  1. Enter a property name in the Property field.

  2. Enter a constant, property name, expression, or input parameter in the Value field.

  3. Click the add icon and repeat this process for as many properties as are required.

These properties are set before the rows and columns on the Matrix tab are processed.

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