How to unit test a map value

You can test a map value as a unit, before or after it is integrated into the rest of the application you are developing.


  1. Review the Applies To key part and Pages & Classes tab of the rule, to identify the class of the pages that the map value uses for input and the properties involved in the rule.
  2. When feasible, perform any necessary processing to create or load a clipboard page or pages that supply some or all of the properties needed. For example, if the Applies To class involves a work type, you can open a work item of the corresponding class. Unit testing does not alter these pages.
  3. For more comprehensive testing, create one or more data transforms that load various sets of input values.

Test approach

For basics of unit testing, see How to unit test a rule with the Run Rule feature.

  1. Save the Map Value form.
  2. Click the Run toolbar action to open a guided test window.
  3. The system presents a list of clipboard pages that may match the Applies To key part. Select the clipboard page that is to be a major source of values for the rule. If no page of the appropriate type is present, select Create or Reset Test page. (If this map value applies to an embedded page, identify a top-level page that contains the embedded page or pages and supply a Page Context .)
  4. In the Apply field, select a data transform to be applied to the empty test page.
  5. If the rule being tested is circumstance-qualified, select Set circumstance properties to run exact version of rule . Otherwise, the base version or a different circumstance-qualified version may be the one tested.
  6. Click Create Page and Run Rule. The system makes a temporary copy of the page you selected (or creates a new temporary page and applies the data transform), executes the map value, and displays the result.
  7. Click the link labeled Result Decision Paths to redisplay the Matrix tab with a green background for the cell that produced the test result.
  8. Click Show Clipboard to start the Clipboard tool within this page. Any changes you make with the Clipboard tool to pages involved in testing do not affect normal processing. Click Hide Clipboard to close the tool.
  9. Click Run Again to repeat the test.
  10. Repeat as desired, applying different data transforms or altering clipboard contents.

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