Data Transform form - Append to action


Use the Append to action to copy a page from the source to the target, or to copy all of the elements in a source Page List property to a target Page List property. The target must be of a class that is compatible with the source page. (To append a page to a target having a class that is not compatible with the source's class, or to conditionally map source data, use the Append and Map to action.)


In this example, Shipments and ShipmentGroup are properties having the same Page Class. Shipments is a Page List property, and ShipmentGroup is a Page Group property. The Append to action specifies to copy each page from ShipmentGroup to Shipments.

Append to .Shipments each page in .ShipmentGroup

Relationship settings

  • a new page — The default. Use when you want to create a new page in the target Page List property.
  • an existing page — Use when you want to copy a source page as the new page in the target Page List property.
  • each page in — Use when you have a Page List or Page Group for the source, and want to copy pages in the Page List or Page Group as new pages in the target Page List.

Supported features

You can use the following items in the Append to action:

  • In the Target, Page List mode properties
  • In the Source, Page, Page List, and Page Group mode properties


You cannot specify a Page Group mode property as the target for the Append to action. That is, you cannot append to a Page Group mode property.