Data Transform form - Set action

Use the Set action to set the target equal to the source. When you specify a target page that does not yet exist on the clipboard, the Set action creates the page.


To select a value for the target property from the set of values defined in case instances for the property, click Select values.

JSON data model format

When the data model format is JSON, there are the following differences in behavior:

  • The order of the steps is not guaranteed.
  • The data transform is bidirectional.


Set .pyWorkIDPrefix equal to "W-"
Set .HardwareItems(1).Price equal to ""

Relationship settings

The Set action has a fixed Relation setting of equal to. That is, the Set action always sets the target equal to the source, and makes no other sort of relationship between the target and source.

Supported features clipboard data model format

When the data model format is clipboard, the Set action supports the following target and source combinations. These features are not supported when the data model format is JSON.

The class of the target does not have to match the class of the source.

Target Relation Source Example
Property equal to Property Reference .Department
Property equal to Literal "W-"
Property equal to Expression .FIRSTNAME + " " + .LASTNAME
Property equal to Linked Property Reference .pxCreateOperator.pyUserName
Page equal to Page OrderItems(1) equal to HardwareItems(1)

Use of the following items is supported:

  • Properties
  • Literals
  • Expressions
  • Parameters specified on the Parameters tab (for example, param.Name )
  • Page Lists
  • Page Groups
  • Value Lists
  • Value Groups
  • Keywords: Primary, <APPEND>, param
  • Function calls (for example, @addToDate(@CurrentDateTime(),1,"","","") )

When the Set action is preceded by an Update Page action that sets the context of the Source to the data page, in the Source field, you can use values from data pages.


Use of Top and Parent is not supported.

You cannot set properties on data pages. Such properties cannot be specified as targets.

References to linked properties are read-only. Such properties can be specified as sources, but not as targets.

You cannot set reference properties (properties that have the Reference Property check box selected on the Advanced tab of their Property forms). They cannot be specified as targets.