Data Transform form - Completing the Pages & Classes tab

To use page names in fields on the Definition tab, you must specify those pages on this Pages & Classes tab.

At runtime, the system uses information from this tab to locate properties on the clipboard.

Specifying the pages on the Pages & Classes tab also assists when working with the Definition tab at design time. For example, when a page is specified here, it is listed in the SmartPrompts in the fields on the Definition tab.

See How to Complete a Pages & Classes tab for more details.

Note: For JSON data model format transforms, this page is only used to specify the class of classless properties, such as pxResults.

Click the Add item icon to add new rows to the array. Click the Delete icon to delete a row.

Field Description
Page Name Enter the name of a clipboard page referenced on the Definition tab.
Class Specify the class of that page. Click the Open icon to open the class rule, or to create the class if it does not already exist.