Property aliases

A property alias provides an alternative name for a property in a function alias that is more meaningful to business users.

Note: This rule type is deprecated.

Fields and controls

The following table describes the fields and controls that you can use on the Property Alias form.

Field Description
Alias Reference Enter a period followed by the property name (second key part) of the property being aliased. Identify a Single Value property in the class that is the first key part of this property alias rule (or a subclass).

You can create multiple property alias rules that reference a single property.

Resulting Property Type Optional. Specify a Type value other than the Type in the property, to cause automatic conversion (typecasting) of the value. Only certain typecast conversions are supported. See Data type conversions in expressions.
Category Optional. To group several property alias rules for purposes of user selection, select a category value.

Select Expression as the Category if these conditions are met:

  • This property is computed by a Declare Expression rule from other properties in the same class or a higher class.
  • The property is not exposed as a column in the database, and you want to make the property available in reports.

The system maintains values for the Category field as field value rules. To add a category, create a field value rule using:

  • Rule-Obj-Property-Alias as the first key part
  • pyCategory as the second key part
  • The category value as the third key part