Properties - Working with the Explore Window

Properties — Working with the Explore Window

The Property Explorer window allows you to:

  • Identify any field value rules that define a set of text values for the property.
  • Identify and test Declare Expression rules that calculate a value for this property.
  • View the declarative network for the property.

Fields tab

Click the Field Values tab to obtain a list of field value rules with the Applies To key part of this property as the first key part and the Property Name key part as the second key part. (This list reflects only rules you can execute.) The final key part of each field value rule defines a possible text value for the property.

These rules can support the Field Value option on the Table fields in the General tab and provide a drop-down list when the Control field (on the Definitions tab) is set to PromptFieldValue, PromptSelect, or RadioButtons.

Expressions tab

Access the Expressions tab to see a list of Declare Expression rules with this property as a Target Property key part.

Dependencies tab

Access the Dependencies tab to see the declarative network for this property. Click Run to test the network. See About the Declarative Network display .

Your Internet Explorer browser must include a Flash Viewer plug-in from Adobe Systems to use the Dependencies tab

About Property rules