When Condition rules

A when condition rule evaluates a Boolean logical statement involving comparisons among values of properties, to return true or false.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Where referenced

Rules of many other rule types can reference when condition rules. For example, you can reference when condition rules in activities, flows, and through the <pega:when > JSP tag in HTM and XML rules.


Use the Application Explorer to access when condition rules that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all when condition rules available to you.


Many when condition rules can be conveniently expressed as one or more Boolean expressions (comparisons or function calls) ANDed or ORed together. Use the Conditions tab to enter or update such rules. Other when condition rules require more complex logic to combine the Boolean expressions. Use the Advanced tab to enter or update those rules.


After you complete initial development and testing, you can delegate selected rules to line managers or other non-developers. Consider which business changes might require rule updates and if delegation to a user or group of users is appropriate.

For more details, see Delegating a rule or data type.


When condition rules are part of the Decision category. A when condition rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-When rule type.