More about Portal rules

You can manage access to portals by defining the portal layouts in the access groups. You can assign these access groups to operators based on their roles to enable access to the defined portals.

Users of the Manager, User, and Developer portals who have more than one portal layout defined in their access group will see the portals appearing in the Launch menu of the dashboard.

About customizing or extending the Developer portal rule

The standard Developer portal rule for Dev Studio uses the pzStudio harness in the Data-Portal-DesignerStudio Applies To class.

If you extend the standard Developer portal rule, ensure that you include the following script files and style file on the Scripts and Styles tab of the harness used in your custom portal rule:

  • In the Scripts section, include the following Java scripts:
    • pz-respond
    • pzquirks-mode-check
    • pzDesignerStudioTopLevelScripts
    • pzDesignerStudioHotKeySupport
    • pyPegaSilverlight
    • pzMoveErrorsToModal
    • pzDesignerStudioWindowLoad
  • In the Style Sheets section, include pz-designer-studio-transitions.

Otherwise, the Profile Explorer might not render properly in your custom portal.

Suppressing irrelevant messages in production

Messages that are helpful to developers for debugging might not be meaningful to application users. In a production setting, you can improve security, avoid user confusion, and improve application usability by suppressing these messages.