Applying a custom modal dialog format

The implementation and CSS classes for custom modal formats differs, depending upon whether your application is rendered in HTML5 document type - standards mode or in quirks mode. For example, in HTML5 document type – standards mode, modal dialogs honor the design time width of the layout, while, in quirks mode, modal dialogs shrink to the minimum width and height possible. Drag and drop is not supported in modal dialogs rendered in standards mode. If your application contains modal dialogs and is rendered in both standards and quirks modes, generate test cases for each. See Displaying a modal dialog in a custom format created in the skin on the Pega Community.
  1. Configure a modal dialog to launch from a control, such as a button, or from a grid.
  2. In the Modal Format field, select Other.
  3. In the field that appears, press the down arrow to select the custom modal dialog format that you want to use.