Skin form — Components tab — General — Errors

The field styles that you set determine the icon that displays for field-level errors.

A preview of the currently selected format displays to the right. You can also preview formats by selecting Actions > Launch in the toolbar and then choosing one of the following preview options: Run Process, Open Portal, Harness Preview, UI Gallery Preview, Skin Preview. In the Skin Preview, click the Controls tab. Click in the Input (Required) field, and then click outside of the field. The error icon and label display. Hover over the field to view the error message as a tooltip.

At run time, the error message displays as a tooltip if the value of Display Field-Level Errors , on the Display Options tab of the harness rule, is set to Displayed as Image with Tooltip . The image associated with the error is set here. The label font and color are set on the Errors Labels tab.

Icon Enter the location of the image file, including the relative path. For example, images/AlphaCorpError.png.

To search for an image, click the Gear icon to open the Image Catalog tool. Enter any portion of a file name (relative path, file name, or extension) in the Search box, and click Find. If you can’t find the image, make sure it is in the webwb directory.

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