Completing the Save As RuleSet form

You can use the Save As RuleSet form to copy a ruleset. The system copies the values in the Security, Category, and History tabs. The version is the one you specify in this form.

Note: You cannot use this form to add a version to a ruleset. To add a version, open the Create Ruleset Version form as described in Completing the Create RuleSet Version form, select an existing ruleset, and update the Version field. Alternatively, open the Versions tab on the ruleset form, add a row in the Versions array, and complete the Create Ruleset Version form. See Using the Versions tab..
  1. Open the ruleset and open the Save As RuleSet form.
  2. Enter a new, unique ruleset name.
    Warning: Do not select an existing name from SmartPrompt. You cannot add a version to an existing ruleset on this form.
  3. Keep the default version (01-01-01) or modify it.
  4. Keep the default Description value or modify it.
  5. Update the prerequisite RuleSets and versions if necessary.
  6. Optional: Select the Update my current Application to include the new version check box.
  7. Save the copied ruleset:
    • If you want to use the ruleset form, click Create.
    • If you want to automatically save the ruleset and version without opening the ruleset form, click Quick Create.
  8. Save the ruleset to save the ruleset and version.