Service Email rules

Use email service rules to manage incoming email. An email listener monitors an email inbox on a server identified by an email server data instance. When messages arrive in that inbox, the email listener routes them to an email service rule. Typically the service activity for the email service uses the information in the message to create a work item. If there are any email attachments with the message, the service activity can attach them to the work item. If the message contains Delivery Status Notification information (an undeliverable message, for example), the service activity can route the message to the worklist of someone who investigates such matters.

Email services can process messages that contain plain text, HTML, or XML. If the incoming email messages use SOAP over email, use a SOAP service rule rather than an email service rule to process the message. You still use an email listener, but the listener routes the messages to a SOAP service rather than to an email service.


To create an email service, use the Email Wizard. Select Dev Studio > Integration > Email Wizard.

Use the Application Explorer to see Service Email rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Service Email rules that are available to you.


Email service rules belong to the Integration-Services category. They are instances of the Rule-Service-Email rule type.

For additional information, see the Pega Community article About Email.