Service File rules

Use Service File rules to define a package of rules for importing the contents of character-based files into your Pega Platform system. This facility can import a wide variety of record-oriented files to create or update objects in your system, including text files, Comma-Separated-Value files, and completed PDF forms.

Pega Platform cannot directly process or parse binary files, such as TIFF files created by incoming faxes. Typically, these are best handled as email attachments.


Use the Application Explorer to see Service File rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Service File rules that are available to you.


A package of Service File rules operates with a file listener ( Data-Admin-Connect-FileListener class) that references the package. To parse input in the files, a Service File rule may reference Parse Structured, Parse Delimited, and Parse XML rules.


Service File rules belong to the Integration-Services category. A Service File rule is an instance of the Rule-Service-File rule type.