Overriding a standard function

If you need different behavior than what is provided in a standard function, you can either create and call a new function, or you can override the standard function.

  1. Create a library in your application ruleset with the same name as the standard library that contains the function.
  2. Use Save As to copy the standard function into your library, retaining the function name.
  3. Update the function Java code as needed, being careful to consider the effect of your changes on existing calls to the function.
Note: Functions can be referenced in three possible ways: Unqualified, Library qualified, and Fully qualified. If you override a standard platform function, then your function will be called only when the code calling the function uses Unqualified or Library qualified.
Do not reference or override any functions or libraries in the Pega-WB ruleset; they are reserved. The names and capabilities of these functions are subject to change.