More about Library rules

The system saves compiled CLASS files for library functions. Compilations affect all nodes on the cluster.

Your current ruleset list is not relevant when you generate a library. The system compiles all versions of each function in the library. At run time, users run a version that is appropriate to their own ruleset list.

To compile a library:

  1. In Dev Studio, open the Library form by clicking Records > Technical > Library , then clicking the library name.
  2. Click the Packages tab.
  3. Click Generate Library.

In a cluster, during system pulse processing by the Pega-RULES agent, that library is compiled on each node.

Deleting a library

When you delete a library rule with Delete , the system also deletes all function rules in the library for all ruleset versions for the ruleset, and deletes the assembled and Java-compiled functions in the library.

About Library rules