Enabling discovery features for access control policies

Access control policies support discovery features that allow users to view limited, customizable information about class instances that fail Read policies but satisfy Discover policies. To enable these features for users, the pyIsDiscoveryEnabledForOperator Access When rule must evaluate to true. You can enable discovery features for all users of an application, or for particular operators.

Follow these steps to enable discovery for all operators.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Records > Security > Access When.
  2. In the When Name column header, click the Filter icon and search for pyIsDiscoveryEnabledForOperator.
  3. Open the pyIsDiscoveryEnabledForOperator Access When rule that is displayed by clicking it.
  4. On the Conditions tab, double-click the condition.
  5. In the Condition dialog box, change the comparator to the equal sign (=), and click Submit.
  6. Save your changes.